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About Us

Introduction to Access Environmental Planning

Access Environmental Planning is an independent business operated by Christopher Botfield. The name Access Environmental Planning (Access EP) has recently been adopted as a representative trading name for the environmental planning element of the original company FarmWeb Pty Ltd.

Access EP offers new and varied services whilst maintaining continuity with outcomes previously provided under the stewardship of Chris Botfield in FarmWeb Pty Ltd

Elements of the consulting business have been operating since 2000. As a consultancy, it supported all levels of government, farmers, small businesses and community organisations. It worked within economic, environmental and political parameters to achieve sustainable outcomes. Target areas included the refinement of water use and management infrastructure, land and land use infrastructure, and applied capital and business management techniques to achieve positive outcomes.

Business Objectives

  1. Develop sound and trusting relationships.
  2. Provide sound and practical support to its client base.
  3. Develop and cultivate comprehensive networks.
  4. Provide services that directly relates to project outcomes.
Business Objects - Access EP

Company History

Access EP has offices in Dubbo and Mudgee NSW. The consultancy was estblished in 2000 in response to an identified need to offer direct services and advice for Indigenous groups, agricultural business, local government and the provision of specialise environmental planning. The development of detailed Review of Environmental Factors (REFs) and associated environmental reports is a speciality.

Access EP offers a diverse range of knowledge and experience. It was established to provide an expanded capacity of services into areas relating to community groups, agricultural business and environmental management.