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Local Government Procurement

Local Government Procurement (LGP) has been established to provide a fully integrated procurement service to councils and associated organisations in NSW.  LGP was established by Local Government NSW on behalf of its members to create a procurement operation dedicated to meeting the specific needs of Local Government. 

Access EP of Dubbo and Mudgee was successful in applying for and being appointed to the following Professional Service Panels for a term of three years, from 1st June 2016, under Contract LGP1208-3 Professional Consulting Services.

  1. Consulting Services – Environmental Services
    • Review of Environmental Factors (REF)
    • Bush regeneration services
    • Ecological conservation services
    • Environmental Impact Statement (EIS)
    • Environmental Management Systems (EMS)
    • Flood and Floodplain services
    • Geotechnical services
    • Land and water conservation services
    • Restoration works
    • Arboriculture services
    • Soil contamination services
    • Waste Management
    • Hazardous materials surveys
    • Marine and coastal environmental services
    • Air quality services
  2. Consulting Services – Heritage Conservation and Planning Services
    • Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Services
    • Archaeological services
    • Archival services
    • Heritage conservation services
    • Restoration services
  3. Consulting Services – Surveying Services
    • Cadastral surveying
    • Engineering surveying
    • Quantity Surveying and Cost Planning
    • Resources surveying

Access EP has realised major opportunities in the Local Government Procurement Contract arena and has current engagements with several councils.

Approved Contractor Certificate