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Project Experience

Agricultural Planning

As the Principal Chris has developed a comprehensive information portfolio for the management of land and water resources in the Murray-Darling Basin. Access EP continues to work closely with farmers at both individual and corporate levels to develop management frameworks and targeted objectives consistent with economic production based and environmental management. Resource planning incorporates consideration of areas such as:

  • Review of Environmental Factors (REF)
  • Vegetation Management and Planning
  • Cultural Heritage Assessment and Management
  • On farm biodiversity credits associated with the NSW Biodiversity Act (2017)
  • Soils and vegetation sustainability
  • Land capability and resource management
  • On Farm Floodplain Assessment
  • Fire management

By consulting with landholders, industry and research organisations, Chris has developed dynamic planning frameworks that deliver greater water use efficiency and flexibility in on farm water management. Access EP can provide water users with targeted outcomes to achieve significant water savings for on farm irrigation and stock and domestic water use.

Access EP offers a high level of expertise in property resource planning. It recently completed 500 individual property plans for landholders in Darling, Barwon, Lachlan, Macquarie, Murray, Gwydir and Namoi catchments.

Water Management

Water management evolved to become the principal focus of work in natural resource management.  A total of more than $1 million of Commonwealth Government planning grants from the $12.9 billion Water for the Future program has been secured.  This funding has been made available for a feasibility study into a range of measures outlined for the modernisation of irrigation delivery systems for:

  • Narromine Irrigation Scheme – located in the lower Macquarie Valley in central NSW
  • Murray Irrigation Limited – located on the Murray System in Southern NSW
  • Trangie-Nevertire Irrigation Scheme – located in the lower Macquarie Valley in central NSW
  • North/South Burdekin Water Boards in North Queensland
  • Working closely with individual irrigators in the Namoi, Gwydir and Barwon-Daring River systems

Regional Industry Training

Access EP upholds a firm commitment to ongoing research, training and development in order to remain progressive and responsive to industry advancement and environmental change. Access EP offers a range of training programs relating to improvement in agribusiness performance and natural resource management.

Access EP can facilitate seminars and workshops designed to share knowledge and build working partnerships with people from diverse interest groups. Examples include:

  • Farm infrastructure planning to attain greater water use efficiency for irrigation
  • On-farm vegetation conservation, biodiversity credit banking programs under the NSW Biodiversity and Conservation Act (2017)
Facilitation and Training Access EP

Facilitation and training in Northern NSW