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Project Highlights

  • Multiple Review of Environmental Factors Reports (REF’s) in the Bourke and Cobar regions. These projects have been undertaken for Local Government and the NSW Roads and Maritime Services Department.
  • Currently engaged by the North West Local Lands Services to develop a strategy and engage approximately 20 farmers/landowners in in the Liverpool Plains area with the aim of gaining consensus with regards to the management of flood flows through their respective farms.
  • Delivering gravel quarry licence and approval works for the Bourke and Cobar Shire Councils. This project involves the survey of the pits, the development of the environmental assessment and management documentation and the negotiation of approvals and licencing associated with the Department of Lands, Planning NSW and the Environmental Protection Authority
  • Office of Environment and Heritage, National Parks and Wildlife Service Coonabarabran NSW. Provide a comprehensive Review of Environmental Factors (REF) report for a fire trail at Mt Cenn Cruaich in the Warrumbungle National Park. An additional REF has been completed for the installation of a new sewer main within the National Park
  • Taronga Western Plains Zoo (TWPZ) -review and redevelopment of the TWPZ’s Evacuation and Fire Management Plans (these were prepared about the same time as the Cobbora Coal plans). Access EP is also mapping and developing a high-quality GIS reference mapping resource for the Zoo management that will be accessed remotely
  • Murray Darling Basin Authority – the completion of a comprehensive review and report of factors affecting the delivery of environmental water in the Northern Basin
  • New irrigation farm development – the completion of all planning and works activities associated with the development of a “green field” development on the Castlereagh River near Mendooran.
  • The preparation of Review of Environmental Factors Reports for several Local Councils. These reports have supported various capital works projects including road widening and realignment as well as other highway construction projects.
  • Support for the technical development of the Management Planning Framework for the Travelling Stock Routes (TSR) for the Local Land Services NSW.
  • Bushfire Management Plan for the Cobbora Holding Company. The plan assessed the bushfire risk and provided operational and strategic guidance for the 37,000ha project area.
  • Review of Environmental Factors for infrastructure developments for the NPWS in Western NSW. These have included boundary fences in protected areas as well as pest management programs requiring new infrastructure.
  • Plans of for protected areas in Western NSW to ensure compliance with the NSW National Parks & Wildlife Act (1974).
  • Completion of detailed water efficiency and floodplain harvesting reports for established irrigation farms within the Northern Murray Darling Basin.
  • Access EP is currently developing an on-farm irrigation efficiency, flood plain assessment program for the Northern Murray Darling Basin and has completed an irrigation retirement project for the Southern Murray Darling Basin.
  • Environmental assessment and planning for the Broken Hill water reuse project. This project involved extensive consultation with private and government sector stakeholders and resulted in alternative potable water supplies to water stakeholder groups and government bodies which were being lost to the system. A significant component of the project was to design and construct a system that had limited impact on the local environment and the surrounding township of Broken Hill in a highly sensitive landscape.
  • Establishment of the Brewarrina Shearing School and Farm Management Program for Indigenous groups and youth training programs. The project involved the coordination of nine funding agencies. Approximately 30 trainees undertook the traineeship - over 75% of participants are now employed in this industry.
  • Irrigation Modernisation Planning for the Trangie Nevertire Irrigation Scheme’s Commonwealth “Water for the Future” Project aimed at increasing efficiency in water delivery and water use for 90 properties at Trangie NSW on the Macquarie River.
  • Irrigation Modernisation Planning for the Narromine Irrigation Board of Management’s Commonwealth “Water for the Future” Project aimed at increasing efficiency in water delivery and water use for 94 properties at Narromine NSW on the Macquarie River.
  • Private Infrastructure Irrigators Operators Program second round submission development for accessing the Commonwealth “Water for the Future” Project funds aimed at increasing efficiency in water use and irrigation footprint reduction for Murray Irrigation Limited members and properties at Deniliquin NSW on the Murray River.
  • Investment cases targeting the Commonwealth Government Private Irrigators Infrastructure Operators Program for NSW. Clients on the Macquarie and the Murray have attracted over $357m in actual cash injections and over a $1m in planning resources spent in the region as part of development activities and projects under its concern.
The Drip on the Goulburn River

The Drip on the Goulburn River near Mudgee

Gravel Pit Management

Gravel Pit Management for Local Government