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Environmental Services

  • Preparation of Review of Environmental Factors Reports (REFs) and Environmental Impact Statement Reports (EIS) for Water and Infrastructure, Quarry and general works projects
  • Quarry assessment, documentation and licencing approval
  • Cultural Heritage Surveys, Assessment and Site Management
  • Strategic Land Management Planning and Delivery including:
    • Commercial land use assessment
    • Native wildlife management
    • Biodiversity offset management
    • Threatened species management
    • Vertebrate pest and weed management
    • Re-vegetation

Technical Services

  • Detailed GPS Site Survey (Location & Elevation)
  • GIS Mapping & Integrated Database Application
  • GPS Highly Accurate Survey and Mapping
  • Indigenous Community Engagement
  • Community Consultation
  • Funding Application Development
  • Investment Business Case Development
  • Procurement
  • Project development, including consultancy team creation and the management of services and reporting associated with the above.

Agricultural Services

  • Remote Water Data Management and Reporting
  • On Farm Irrigation Efficiency Planning
  • On Farm Floodplain Assessment Planning
  • Licence Compliance and Discrepancy Analysis
  • Ongoing Licence and Approval Management and Renewal
  • Vegetation Clearing and Assessment Reporting under the NSW Biodiversity and Conservation Act (2017)

Other Services

Access EP offers direct support services for funding applications required for a variety of government incentive schemes.

In addition, Access EP can develop submissions for various environmental projects and projects that demonstrate adherence to best industry practise in sustainable natural resource management.


  • Appointed the Local Government Procurement Panels covering Environmental Services, Survey and Heritage Management
  • Inclusion in the Federal Government Service Provider List (supplying to Indigenous training Projects, Federal Government Departments)
  • Former national panel member for employment development and project management development for Department of Employment and Workplace Relations
  • Former national panel member for Family and Community Services for Indigenous Australians