Biodiversity Assessor Victoria

Biodiversity Assessor Victoria

Biodiversity in Victoria

Biodiversity in Victoria has evolved into more than just protecting the land and wildlife. The increase in manufacturing, technology, and advanced farming has put more of our environment at risk from heavy metals, chemicals, and pollution.


Biodiversity Assessor Victoria

The role of the Biodiversity Assessor Victoria is to provide guidance and solutions to stay as environmentally friendly as possible while growing and developing your business. Some of these tools include:

  • EnSym NVR tool
  • Strategic planning
  • Products to measure biodiversity values
  • Guidelines for removing native vegetation offsets
  • Determining outcome of vegetation removal

The EnSym NVR tool helps to determine the biodiversity offsets Victoria will offer and the guidelines needed to collect any credits. Under Victoria’s guidelines, Species Habitat Units (HU) shows the amount of flora and fauna growth and how it effects the property.


Biodiversity offsets Victoria

Through the Victorian Government’s Planning and Environment Act 1987 and Guidelines for the removal, destruction or lopping of native vegetation (the ‘Guidelines’) (DELWP 2017), credits are made available to landowners for protecting and enhancing existing native vegetation with an on-title agreement and management commitments. The biodiversity offsets Victoria offers other services, as well. These include:

  • Native Vegetation and Threatened Species Offsets Broker
  • Over-the-Counter Offsets Provider
  • Accredited Site Assessor
  • Offset Management Plans
  • On-title Agreements (Section 69 Agreements and Offset Covenants)
  • Offset Registration with Victoria’s Native Vegetation Credit Register

At Biodiversity Assessor Victoria, our goals are to work together with businesses and corporate structures to create a better environment and reducing the carbon footprint without causing financial harm to your industry.

Consider giving us a call before you begin a major project of building or expanding. Browse our website for more information on vegetation management, agricultural development, fisheries approvals, and much more. Following the guidelines early on can save time and money to avoid problems in the future.