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Our Projects

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As the Principal of Access Environmental Planning, Chris has developed a comprehensive information portfolio for the management of land and water resources in the Murray-Darling Basin. Access Environmental Planning works closely with farmers at both individual and corporate levels to develop environmental and land management frameworks and objectives consistent with achievable economic production. Resource planning incorporates consideration of areas such as:

  • Review of Environmental Factors (REF)
  • Vegetation Management and Planning
  • Cultural Heritage Assessment and Management
  • On farm biodiversity credits associated with the NSW Biodiversity Act (2017)
  • Contaminated land assessment management
  • Land capability and resource management
  • Fire management

Access EP offers a high level of expertise in property resource planning, with notable achievements including the completion of 500 individual property plans for landholders in Darling, Barwon, Lachlan, Macquarie, Murray, Gwydir and Namoi catchments.

Our Projects Our Projects

Project Highlights

Water Management Regional Industry Training

  • Multiple Review of Environmental Factors Reports (REF’s) in the Bourke, Cobar, Central Darling and Balranald shires.These projects have been undertaken for Local Government and Transport NSW ( TFNSW).
  • Strategic flood and irrigation management for the North West Local Lands Services, in conjunction with local farmers/landowners in in the Liverpool Plains area.
  • Delivering gravel quarry licence and approval works for the Multiple Shire Councils. These projects involves the survey of the pits, the development of the environmental assessment and management documentation and the negotiation of approvals and licencing associated with the New south wales department of planning industry and environment, Planning NSW and the Environmental Protection Authority
  • Comprehensive Review of Environmental Factors (REF) reports for fire trails and waste management systems at Mt Cenn Cruaich in the Warrumbungle National Park, reporting to the Office of Environment and Heritage, National Parks and Wildlife Service Coonabarabran NSW.
  • Taronga Western Plains Zoo (TWPZ) -review and redevelopment of the TWPZ’s Evacuation and Fire Management Plans, as well as development for a high-quality, remote-access GIS reference mapping resource for the Zoo management.
  • New irrigation farm development – the completion of all planning and works activities associated with the development of a “green field” development on the Castlereagh River near Mendooran.
  • The preparation of REF Reports for several Local Councils, supporting various capital works projects including road widening and realignment as well as other highway construction projects.
  • Support for the technical development of the Management Planning Framework for the Travelling Stock Routes (TSR) for the Local Land Services NSW.
  • Bushfire Management Plan for the Cobbora Holding Company, assessing bushfire risk and providing operational and strategic guidance for the 37,000ha project area.
  • REF Reports for infrastructure developments for the NPWS in Western NSW, including boundary fences in protected areas as well as pest management programs requiring new infrastructure.
  • Plans for protected areas in Western NSW to ensure compliance with the NSW National Parks Wildlife Act (1974).

The Access EP Code of Conduct is based on the fundamental principle that all business affairs shall be conducted legally, ethically with strict observance of the highest standards of integrity and probity.

Capacity to Travel

Access Environmental Planning has the capacity to travel and deliver its services on-demand in many locations around Australia, both urban and rural. Travel is a standard component of Environmental Planning. Access Environmental Planning staff regularly work in remote locations. To find out how we can best service your area, contact us using the details at the bottom of this page.

Our Projects