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Welcome to Access Environmental Planning

Australia’s Number 1 Environmental Sustainability Consultancy Firm

Hello and welcome to Access Environmental Planning; we are the Australian environmental consultant company operating in Dubbo and Victoria, who is dedicated to reducing the size of our footprint and the overall impact that we have on this beautiful lump of rock that we call home.

We are passionate about preserving the natural integrity of our environment and raising awareness so that other people can understand the importance of taking care of the wonderful world around us.

Some of our services include: environmental planning, commercial land use assessment, ecological impact assessment reports, sustainable development and biodiversity assessment. These are just a handful of the services that we offer, if you would like the full scope, simply follow the link here.

As an Environmental Sustainability Consultant, we work closely with various industries including agricultural and commercial to ensure that any new developments and projects have the least harmful impact on our environment and that they are suitably sustainable for moving forward into the future.

Since the industrial revolution, mankind has made some incredible technological advancements, most of which have had a terribly detrimental effect on our environment, climate and the biodiversity of animals and plant life. This is why we are constantly striving to find new techniques and better practices for un-doing much of the damage that we have done in order to achieve greater balance and harmony with our beautiful planet.

It isn’t just in the best interest of our planet and the neighbouring plants, insect and animal life that we share it with, but in our own. Biodiversity is essential for our survival, so everything that we do is a step towards preserving us all – something we’re certain that we can all agree is worth fighting for.

Demonstrate That You’re a Brand Worth Buying Into

With the current global climate, many of us are becoming more eco-conscious, which means that as consumers, we are on the look out for companies and brands who openly and effectively practice safe and sustainable business. This means that whether you’re in the agricultural industry, corporate or industrial, you should endeavour to reduce your companies carbon footprint wherever possible - not just because you care, but because you want your business to succeed, of course.

With Access Environmental Planning, we have the experience, the know-how and the desire to help you do exactly that. So, if you’re looking to expand your franchise and you’d like to do so in a safe and sustainable manner, we are the consultancy to help you do so.

Don’t get caught out in the long run because you neglected to run the appropriate reports before building on a particular area of land. With a little care and consideration, you can carefully and consciously expand without causing any irreparable damage which could invariably affect your brand, business and reputation - Play it safe with Access Environmental Planning.


  •   Review of Environmental Factors Reporting (REF)
  •   Environmental Impact Statement Reporting (EIS)
  •   Vegetation Planning, Assessment & Mapping
  •   Cultural Heritage Planning, Assessment & Management
  •   Stakeholder Consultation & Engagement
  •   Remote Water & Data Management
  •   Agricultural Development Planning & Assessment