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We are Access Environmental Planning – the Australian environmental consultancy residents, businesses and local governments rely on when it comes to finding the balance between land development and environmental preservation.

As one of Australia’s premier environmental consultants, we are passionate about preserving the natural integrity of our environment through working with Councils, State and Commonwealth Government Agencies, businesses and individuals in NSW, Queensland and Victoria to find ways to best utilise and protect our precious land and natural resources.

Our Services

Why Be Eco-conscious?

Many businesses, governments and individuals are becoming more eco-conscious, which means that as ecological consultants we are seeking engagement by for companies and brands who are looking to implement safe and sustainable business practices. Reducing your carbon footprint and impact on the environment doesn’t have to mean sacrificing business success – and that’s where we come in. As environmental consultants, we’re here to work alongside businesses in all industries including agricultural, corporate and industrial, to help reduce your company’s environmental footprint and environmental impact where possible – but in ways that are both sustainable to our environment and to the continued success of your business.

How Can We Help You?

At Access Environmental Planning, we have the experience, the know-how and the desire to help you to grow and develop as a business, but in a manner that is sustainable and environmentally friendly. So, if you’re looking to succeed in your projects and expand as a business in a safe and sustainable manner, we are the perfect environmental consultancy to help you.

Our Ecological Consultants provide:

  • Review of Environmental Factors Reporting (REF)
  • Environmental Impact Statement Reporting (EIS)
  • Vegetation management Planning, Biodiversity Assessment and Mapping
  • Fisheries Approvals for Works
  • Cultural Heritage Planning, Assessment & Management
  • Stakeholder Consultation & Engagement
  • Agricultural Development Planning & Assessment

Running appropriate reports before building on any particular area of land can be tedious – so let us help you and streamline the process! We can work with your business to carefully and consciously expand and develop without breaching compliance requirements and causing environmental damage that will affect your brand, business and reputation – Play it safe with Access Environmental Planning, and trust us to help achieve the best results for both your business and the environment. Contact us below for more information today.


Accredited Assessor under NSW Biodiversity and Conservation Act

Accredited Assessor under NSW Biodiversity and Conservation Act

The NSW Biodiversity and Conservation Act prescribes that all projects must assess the impacts on biodiversity. Subject...
Cultural Heritage Assessment and Management is a Key Function of Access

Cultural Heritage Assessment and Management is a Key Function of Access

The application of thorough due diligence in the survey for and the management of Aboriginal Cultural Heritage...
Access Environmental Planning Management of Quarries

Access Environmental Planning Management of Quarries

Over the past 4 years Access Environmental Planning has delivered completed approval and licencing for the expansion...
Access Environmental Planning<br>Works In Environmentally<br>Sensitive Locations

Access Environmental Planning
Works In Environmentally
Sensitive Locations

A large component of our work and advice is delivered within fragile environments. These include sensitive riparian...

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