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Our Services

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At Access Environmental Planning, we provide a wide range of environmental and land management services that are specific to the needs of our clients across Australia, be they businesses, governments or individuals. It is our extensive range of services as well as our people-first approach that makes Access Environmental Planning the environmental consultants that are trusted.

Access EP
Access EP
  • Preparation of Review of Environmental Factors Reports (REFs) and Environmental Impact Statement Reports (EIS) for Water and Infrastructure, Quarry and general works projects
  • Accredited Biodiversity Assessments
  • Quarry assessment, documentation and licencing approval
  • Local Government Development applications and compliance
  • Cultural Heritage Surveys, Assessment and Site Management
  • Strategic Land Management Planning and Delivery including:
    1. Commercial land use assessment
    2. Native wildlife management
    3. Biodiversity offset management
    4. Threatened species management
    5. Vertebrate pest and weed management
    6. Re-vegetation
Access EP
  • Detailed GPS Site Survey (Location Elevation)
  • GIS Mapping Integrated Database Application
  • GPS Highly Accurate Survey and Mapping
  • Indigenous Community Engagement
  • Community Consultation
  • Funding Application Development
  • Investment Business Case Development
  • Project development, including consultancy team creation and the management of services and reporting associated with the above.
Access EP
  • On Farm Floodplain Assessment Planning
  • Assessment Planning and Licensing
  • Licence Compliance and Discrepancy Analysis
  • Ongoing Licence and Approval Management and Renewal
  • Vegetation Clearing and Assessment Reporting under the NSW Biodiversity and Conservation Act (2017)
  • Bushfire Planning

Access Environmental Planning offers direct support services for funding applications required for a variety of government incentive schemes. In addition, Access Environmental Planning develops submissions for various environmental projects and projects that demonstrate adherence to best industry practise in sustainable natural resource management.


  • Appointed the whole of NSW Local Government Procurement Panels covering Environmental Services, Survey and Heritage Management
  • Accredited Assessor for NSW Biodiversity Act Assessments
  • Appointed Service Provider to Upper Hunter Local Government Panel
  • Appointed Service Provider to Armidale New England Local Government Panel