Benefits of Conserving Forest and Wildlife

Benefits of Conserving Forest and Wildlife

Forest and Wildlife

Benefits of Conserving Forest and Wildlife

  • 20 Jan 2022
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There are many things we humans do that affect our forests and our wildlife. From hunting and agricultural expansion to poaching and logging, humans are constantly causing harm to our animal community and our forests. Over the past 40 years, the activities that humans do have pushed some species into near extinction levels with an estimated loss of about 10,000 species per year. Human activity in addition to the effects that climate change is having on our forestry and wildlife is causing these situations to occur and include, flooding and droughts, overpopulation, consumer culture, and deforestation.

Why We Need to Conserve our Forest and Wildlife Populations

There are many reasons why we should conserve forest and wildlife populations today. Here is a list of five detailed reasons for why we should conserve forest and wildlife populations:

1. Promotes Pollination and Saves Native Plant Species

Insects, bees, birds, and butterflies are an important part of food production since they aid in pollination. They depend on the nectar of flowers and promote the continuity of native plant species along with sustaining the process in which our crops are grown to feed humans. In nature, everything is connected to each other via the food chain which ends up with humans. If we kill off all of our wildlife and forests, it will put humans at risk of extinction so it is very important to be very conservative with our plant life and wildlife animals.

2. Aesthetic Benefits

Observing animals in their natural habitat and taking walks through wooded areas connects us to nature and is very relaxing and peaceful. It is stress-relieving to be part of nature and important to our health and well-being.

3. Medicinal Properties

An array of different plants is used in the creation of a variety of medications that humans use. The trees and vegetation of forests are also important for the sustainability of the pharmaceutical industry as well as the continuation of medical research. Many people also make their livelihood from the fauna, flora, and other plant life that grow in our forests which make it even more imperative to conserve the forests and wildlife we still have left to save so that people can continue on making a living.

4. Protection of Endangered Species and Biodiversity

There are several endangered species throughout the world that are near extinction. For example, antelopes are on the endangered species list. If they cease to exist, it will create a deficit of food sources for animals, such as lions, cheetahs, and leopards. If this occurs, those cats will then become at risk of extinction since their main food source is no longer available. They will also begin to feed on other animals, such as giraffes, which will then put giraffes in danger of extinction. Also, they will feed on plants in the forest or jungle that are normally consumed by other animals, such as deer, which will then cause the deer population to decrease. Everything is tied together in the food chain as well as our ecosystem, so it is important to prevent this from happening which is why we should conserve forests and wildlife all over the world.

5. Preserves Human Heritage and Culture

In the United States, it’s very traditional for people to hunt for deer and other animals throughout the year. If they become extinct because there are no forests for them to live in and feed off of, they will become extinct which will then affect the culture. There are many people that also depend on wild game to feed their families and let’s not forget the fact that trees are a large part of the air we breathe, so we need our forests to survive. Basically, conserving our wildlife and forests is equal to conserving our heritage and our traditional culture which is an important reason for why we should conserve forest and wildlife.

Why we should conserve forest and wildlife

Overall, we simply need to become very conservative when it comes to our wildlife and to our forests and trees in general. It is not only important for our forests and wildlife to conserve and protect them, but to humans also since we depend heavily on both to survive. These are just a few of the reasons why we should conserve forest and wildlife.


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