Benefits of Conserving Forest and Wildlife

There are many things we humans do that affect our forests and our wildlife. From hunting and agricultural expansion to poaching and logging, humans are constantly causing harm to our animal community and our forests. Over the past 40 years, the activities that humans do have pushed some species into near extinction levels with an […]

Garbage Management Plans and Our Environment

When there is a garbage management plan within a community, there are various ways that the environment can be protected. However, to maximize on the benefits of garbage management for sustainable development, it’s essential to focus on planning prior to an incident occurring. This helps to ensure that proper action is taken that aims to […]

Environmental Benefits of Renewable Energy for Sustainability

The Australian Government reports that a renewal energy stimulus could result in 100,000 new jobs. However, it’s not just about creating another multi-million-dollar industry that will keep people employed. Reducing carbon emissions remains one of the highest priorities, but renewable energy has several other benefits. How Renewable Energy Helps Promote Sustainability First, you must understand […]

Why Vegetation Clearing Is Important for the Environment

Vegetation clearing is the removal of unwanted plants from a specific area. It’s akin to a mass removal; while the clearing does not have to target every plant, it’s more than just the removal of one or two shrubs or a small section of grass. Vegetation clearing is often done in areas where plants have […]

What is Conservation and Land Management

The Conservation and Land Management sector is made up of a variety of businesses and organizations whose main focus is to oversee the operation of national parks along with nature reserves, council reserves, and Indigenous protected areas. They also govern land that is private as well as botanical gardens so that they can ensure that […]

Why is Sustainable Management of Natural Resources Necessary

The importance of sustainable management of natural resources cannot be stressed enough. When it comes to our lives, natural resources have got to be touted as the basis of our lives. When it comes to eating food, drinking beverages, growing our own food, creating clothing, constructing houses and buildings, and creating transportation, we need natural […]

Sustainable Natural Resource Management

By practicing sustainable natural resource management, farmers, ranchers, and land developers protect the ecosystem by utilizing our natural resources, which control their over-usage. In addition, the management helps maintain the biodiversity of the land. Managing our sustainable natural resources will ensure they are there for our children and their children. Conversely, the result of mismanagement […]

What is Strategic Land Management

What comes into your mind when you hear the word land? For many, it’s homeownership, a beautiful house with a beautiful garden, and to others, a site for investing in residential homes. Do you know with no land, we cannot have agricultural produce? The land is also essential for improved environmental management, including carbon sinks for […]