What Are The Benefits of Revegetation Living

In recent years, revegetation groups and organizations have become more and more common. In this article we will discuss what revegetation is, the benefits of living with revegetation, and how revegetation is helpful for our environment. What is Revegetation? Revegetation is the process of replanting and rebuilding the soil of disturbed land. The main reason that people usually […]

How native wildlife conservation help save our environment

Have you ever considered exactly what ‘conservation’ means? Most often, it is linked to preserving animals, so that their populations can be maintained. The importance of wildlife conservation can be more than that, though, because preserving wildlife can contribute positively to the health of the whole environment. Conserving animals The welfare of animals is something […]

Farm Floodplain Planning

As storms become more intense and the frequency of flooding increases, more agricultural lands, especially those located on plains, are left at risk of degradation. Farmers cultivating near rivers often find themselves at the center of the consequences of flood plain farming. Storms and hurricanes pose unique risks due to their high precipitation rates. For […]

What is Biodiversity Assessment

A biodiversity assessment is a measurement of certain specified ecosystem components, the most common components that are used as indicators (or surrogates) of a species or area’s conservation status. Assessing regions of high biodiversity, for example, is essential not just for deciding where to focus conservation efforts but also for measuring species communities and potentially discovering new […]

How Does Agriculture Help The Environment

Did you know that over half of the earth’s arable land is used for agriculture? Well, it is, and farmers use a lot of the earth’s space to feed us. Their relationship between agriculture and environment and sustainability is more significant than you think. Those involved in agriculture and land management jobs have worked hard to […]

How Does Composting Benefit The Environment

How Does Composting Benefit the Environment? The environment is a hot topic nowadays, with signs of the impact humans have on it everywhere. You can take steps at home to reduce the negative effect you have on the environment. For instance, you could opt to compost. So, what’s the environmental impact of composting? Specifically, why […]

Rainwater Harvesting System Benefits

Rainwater harvesting is the process of trapping and storing rainwater that flows from rooftops or other similar surfaces for use in irrigation and other household and commercial purposes. When it rains, water collected in gutters can flow through drainage pipes, downspouts, and into storage facilities such as barrels, tanks, or dams. Rainwater harvesting is becoming […]