What does Environmental Protection Authorities Do

What does Environmental Protection Authorities Do

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What does Environmental Protection Authorities Do

  • 25 Feb 2022
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It is now clear to us the amount of damage we have done to our planet over the years. The environmental protection authorities such as the EPA are working to ensure the planet is protected from further damage, catastrophic for all life on earth.

Environmental protection authorities nurture, protect, and restore the environment by regulating water, land, and air pollution. These independent bodies work hand in hand with the government, communities, and industries in protecting the natural environment. 

Read on to understand how EPA works.

What is the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)?

Most people wonder what is the Environmental Protection Agency. Well, the main aim of EPA is to protect human and environmental health by creating laws that help make Earth greener. EPA sees its purpose by regulating the processing, manufacturing, and use of toxic pollutants that may cause harm to the environment.

The Environment Protection Act 0f 1993 was approved to address environmental issues such as the quality of air and water, noise pollution, and waste management. Others include  Radiation Protection and Control Act 1982, the Plastic Shopping Bags (Waste Avoidance) Act 2008, and Waste Avoidance Act 2020.

EPA oversees environmental stewardship with the help of environmental organizations. Some of these environmental organizations are:

  • Greenpeace: this organization is against nuclear testing, mining, fishing, and whaling in Antarctica.
  • Sierra Club: this body fights for clean air and water by land and forest preservation.
  • Access: this organization believes in environmental planning whereby residents, the government, and businesses preserve the environment without necessarily affecting companies.
  • The Radiation Protection Committee: formed to regulate, investigate, report, and grant licenses under the Radiation Protection and Control Act.

The environmental organizations work closely with the government and the community to open sustainable and eco-friendly businesses. In addition, ecological consultants help reduce the negative impact of sectors like agriculture, energy, and industries.

Organizations and consultants work closely with business owners, individuals, government agencies, and local and state governments to make the Earth greener.

What is the Role of the Environment Protection Authority?

Below, we explain the role of the EPA.

  • Creating and enforcing laws: the EPA makes and enforces regulations, for example, the Clean Water Act, Clean Air Act, the Radiation Protection Act, and the National Environmental Education Act, to mention but a few. Violation of the set laws is punishable by paying fines, repairing the environmental damage, or imprisonment. 
  • Giving grants: The EPA grants educational institutions, non-profit organizations, and other bodies intending to protect human and animal health and the environment. The money is given to support projects and boost the cleanups in communities.
  • Educating the public about the environment: EPA takes up the responsibility of educating the public on environmental preservation and protection. The agenda is to inform the public and help them understand the root of the problem and possible solutions. Essential solutions are recycling, conserving energy, and reusing materials.
  • Investigating and researching environmental issues: investigation of intentional and unintentional EPA violations such as illegal pollution of water bodies, use of hazardous chemicals, and illegal products causing harm to the environment. In addition, EPA studies environmental issues to help solve some of the problems.
  • Sponsor partnerships: EPA has sponsored partnerships with local or state governments, businesses, and non-profit organizations. The associations aim to conserve water energy, minimize carbon dioxide, avoid hazardous pesticides, and reuse solid waste.
  • Conducting impact assessment and site visit: the EPA travels to visit sites to assess the magnitude of the damage done. Site visits are essential in quantifying the ecological damage and determining the possible measures for restoration. In addition, relevant staff, the community, and the local government give the members a vivid picture and exchange of views on the matter.

Bottom Line

EPA is an independent body that works to protect the environment. The role of the EPA is to regulate air, water, noise, and radiation pollution. In addition, the EPA works closely with other environmental organizations to restore and protect nature.

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