What is Strategic Land Management

What is Strategic Land Management

Land Management

What is Strategic Land Management

  • 04 Nov 2021
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What comes into your mind when you hear the word land? For many, it’s homeownership, a beautiful house with a beautiful garden, and to others, a site for investing in residential homes.

Do you know with no land, we cannot have agricultural produce? The land is also essential for improved environmental management, including carbon sinks for oil and greenhouse gases, nutrient recycling, water purification, and filtration of pollutants.

Strategic land management uses practices and technologies to maintain the land and ensure the protection of its resources is achieved. It involves land, water, biodiversity, and environmental resources to achieve productivity and land economic potential.

What is Strategic Land?

Strategic land refers to land that has not been developed, but its location has a potential value and is viable as development land. The land doesn’t have planning approval but has a high chance of getting the approval.

Strategic land has a strategic location because of its developed surroundings. It can either be in the urban areas but often is outside the town.

There’s an emphasis put on finding a strategic location for a strategic land. When you get planning approval, the cost of the land increases. The costs differ based on the planning. Land for agricultural planning can cost less than land for residential planning.

What is Land Management?

Land management is the approach to managing land resource use and its development. Land resources are the resources available on specific land and can better the livelihood of society. There are two types of land resources:

  • Natural land resources: Are resources that occur naturally and are crucial for our living. Examples of natural resources are underground water, geological resources (gas, coal, oil), animals, and vegetation.
  • Artificial resources: These are resources made by humans using natural resources like hydraulic energy, wood, and sand.

The primary importance of land management is to help in the planning and use of land, keep the land fertile, and ensure the best practices are followed to meet the needs of the growing population.

Importance of Land Management

Improper land management can negatively affect the proper use of land and can lead to degradation and non-productivity.

Here are some perks of managing your land:

  • A source of income: When you protect your land from degradation, productivity levels of the land go up. Using your land for agricultural activities will make plentiful bumper harvests since your land is fertile for cultivation.
  • Preservation of natural resources and keeping soil and water quality- Land management helps preserve our natural resources from damage by humans, like deforestation and harsh chemicals on the soil.
  • Protects your land: Managing your land even if it’s not currently been used helps to safeguard it for future use
  • Can be a tourist attraction site: Land management is crucial, especially with sites attracting tourists. Attracting tourists can only be achieved by maintaining the natural resources that are on the land.

What is Strategic Land Management Planning?

Strategic Land Management Planning is the process of assessment, identification, and planning for future sustainable land development and innovation.

What are the Benefits of Strategic Land Management Planning?

There are many benefits of strategic land management ranging from environmental to economic benefits.

  • Maintaining and enhancing land productivity
  • Maintaining and creating more carbon sinks
  • Conservation of natural resources and environmental preservation
  • Biodiversity conservation by fully utilizing species and ecosystem
  • Cultural heritage management
  • Planning for food security and creating sustainable livelihoods

There is state control and legal support for the proper use of land. At Access Environmental Planning, we deal with strategic land management.

Why Choose Access Environmental Planning?

Now that you know what are the benefits of Strategic Land Management Planning, it’s important to know that we’re here to ensure you gain all these benefits. We are Australian environmental consultants committed to preserving our environment and natural resources to meet the future growing population’s needs.

We offer the following services, among others:

  • Environmental Impact Statement Reporting (EIS)
  • Vegetation management
  • Fisheries Approvals for Works
  • Cultural Heritage Management
  • Environmental Factors Reports (REFs)
  • Quarry and general works projects
  • Accredited Biodiversity Assessments
  • Strategic Land Management Planning
  • Agricultural Development Planning & Assessment

We are committed to customer satisfaction by giving the best services. We are the ideal environmental consultants to assist you in succeeding in your projects and growing your business safely and sustainably.

If you want to enjoy the benefits of environmentally based services like strategic land management planning, please visit the Access Environmental Planning website or call us on 0429944430. You can also email us in case of any query at info@accessep.com.au.


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