Why Water Conservation is Important

Why Water Conservation is Important

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Why Water Conservation is Important

  • 04 Nov 2021
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Conserving our water is comprised of how we use it and how we protect it from pollution and in times of drought. When one looks at our oceans, which cover a little over 70 percent of the earth, it seems we have plenty of water. However, only a scant one percent can be used for our consumption.

Everything needs water, including our animals, plants, and the land on which we live. So, protecting our water is exceedingly important, and water conservation is used to protect our water above and below the ground.

Importance of water conservation

Without water, life on planet earth would cease to exist because every living thing on the planet requires water. For example, we use water to grow our food, feed our cattle for ourselves, maintain sanitation and hydroelectric power.

How we use our water today directly affects future droughts and water shortages. Conservation is the key to making sure the future water supply is plentiful and clean.

We all play a part in water conservation by using plumbing and appliances in our homes that save water and taking care of how we water our lawns and gardens. However, the bigger picture is the vast plains of our country and the origin of our freshwater.

Where does Australia get its clean water?

Thirty percent of South Australia’s water comes from The River Murray. However, most of the water that supplies the Capital area comes from surface water. At the same time, the Northern Territory has highly sporadic surface water available. However, due to its tropical climate, this area of Australia depends on groundwater during the dry season.

That seems like there would be enough water for the country’s needs. However, climatic change, population growth, and mismanagement have led to water shortages in some areas. Without intervention, many cities would run out of water soon.

Why water conservation is beneficial for the environment

Without water, plants would not grow, and land that was once productive farm and ranch land could be overtaken by nature. This renders the land useless for the support of domestic and wild animals, as they, too, must have food and water.

Man’s intervention into the environment has provided food and water for larger populations of animals over the decades. However, without continued conservation and attention to our dwindling water supplies, neither domestic nor wild animals, which have come to depend on our presence, will be able to survive in the resulting environment. Nor will we.

Why water conservation is beneficial for the environment should be evident. However, many areas of the country have water issues. These issues are not isolated to farmers and ranchers. They are also affecting cities, small and large.

Present and future water needs

A consistent water supply is essential for farmers and ranchers because food is hard to produce without water for plants and animals. But, unfortunately, finding solutions for the future water needs of the country will be difficult unless we can get our current lack of water under control.

The water basin of The River Murphy, rainwater capture, and being sure the groundwater is clean will directly affect our current water needs. The bigger, long-term picture, though, is a little murkier.

Global climate change, less rain, and population expansion will continue to weigh on our natural resources. With shortages already prevalent, you can see that water is truly the most precious of our resources.  It needs immediate solutions today so that we have water available tomorrow and in the years to come.

Tracking our Water Usage

Past indicators generally determine present outcomes, and we have been tracking rainfall in Australia for a very long time. However, the weather has changed so much in the past few decades that we can no longer depend on the amount of rain we used to have to provide water today.

The conservation of water is essential.

Why water conservation is beneficial for the environment and all of our natural resources is vital to us today. Still, it is equally critical for those who will come after us. Water conservation has the same goal as the conservation of our land and energy, and that is to protect it for future generations.

Water conservation helps preserve our environment, reduces the effects of drought and water shortages, and helps to protect our water for the future. However, finding solutions for our future water needs will take all of us working together.


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